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“Larry T Hill’s video is simple, but basically revolutionised web advertising in Sri Lanka” - Yamu TV on this 'Silent Film' for Colombo Designers ANIM8  


"Simple, but basically revolutionised web advertising in Sri Lanka”

- Yamu TV on 'Are you worth visiting?' for Colombo Designers ANIM8  

Simple, but basically revolutionised web advertising in Sri Lanka”

- Yamu TV on this 'Silent Film' for Colombo Designers ANIM8  

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"Lakshya picked right through the large amount of footage we captured, compiling the best pieces that would go about making a great film. Even though we were all miles apart during the editing process, it felt like we were in the same room. It's evident by listening to the amazing audio, that Larry spent time to bring balanced sonic frequency to our listeners. The sounds and imagery literally engulf you! I believe people will find our film online and become inspired. All thanks to the careful, professional and thoughtful work of Kaju Creative."
 - Azuibuike Akunne, Distant Relatives Bike Tour

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"Working with Larry is bliss! Have him do both video and audio you'll surely end up 
 product that sticks out from the avalanche of video content out there. Anytime again.

- Henry, Co-Founder of upcycled bag brand - Rice & Carry

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"With his signatory charm, he captured the essence of Camp Kreativ - the children, the facilitators, the workshops, the joy and chaos - in an immensely rewarding way. The video impressed the children, parents and facilitators and was one of the best PR investments of the whole camp"
- Sulochana Dissanayake, Founder & Artistic Director, Power of Play

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"The series of films Lakshya and Shifani produced.. encapsulated the festival aim of celebrating women’s achievements in diverse spheres & creating discussion.. They created a lot of buzz and got audiences engaged."

- Manisha Ruwanpathirana, Assistant Manager Arts, British Council Sri Lanka

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"The day of the filming was organized and professionally handled.  I was so impressed with the details as well as the big picture mentality which kept the day moving and the vibe high!  The final product is something I treasure greatly and am very pleased with. The entire process was one of growth and personal development, so rewarding and very affordable.  My only wish would be more time or projects to work with Larry and his team!"  - Jessyca Eve Canizales, Founder, With Grace and Joy


"Larry T Hill is professional to the core. I only had to brief him once, he got the essence of the work, and figured out how it needed to be captured. The fact that he himself is an artist definitely helps! Having good documentation is paramount these days for an artist. I was always embarrassed to share footage of my work. Now, I finally have documentation I can actually share. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat." 
 - Venuri Perera, Performing Artist

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"Having someone as charismatic as Larry providing you with direction, greatly benefits the film making process. I truly felt a larger sense of confidence speaking on camera and would recommend him to anyone else looking to get their name out there. The video helped us secure our first few customers" - Sanjay Pathmanathan, COO and Co-Founder, Qualia


"If you wish to seduce an audience with your story, you probably need to get Larry to narrate it for you. His vocals carry a professional weight while also being luring and lulling at the same time. Thoroughly satisfied."  - Portia Ratnayake, Vice Pres. Communications, PickMe