creator tales podcast

A traveling podcast where we talk with creators and artists about their successes and challenges with getting their creations out into the world and making a living.

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transplanting yourself across the world - marta del grandi 001

Welcome to the Creator Tales podcast Episode 1 featuring Marta Del Grandi in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We talk about relocating yourself halfway across the world, representation in music, the deep music scene here in Nepal and setting up your own booking agency to support local and touring musicians.

We also talk about being an Artist in Nepal and Europe, Sofar Sounds, Producing music independently, She Said So India, Photo KTM Festival and two of Martas Projects : WASP (We All Should Play) and The Fossick Project. 

This episode was recorded at Kaalo 101 in Patan and features a few growling cats somewhere in the middle for your enjoyment. 

The video version of this Podcast will be posted right here in a minute. 

Marta's Portrait Photo Credit - Leon De Backer